The history of our company numbers neither more nor less than 20 years, and beginsfrom that very moment when in 1997 the Swedish company Baltic Beverages Holding (BBH) gets involved in the construction of a production department of Beer and Beverage Plant Slavutich an Estonian construction concern Nordecon (at that time AS Eesti Ehitus). The contractis performed in a quick and efficient way, and the concern establishes itself as a competitive and reliable partner, which allows it to get the next project. In 2003, during the implementation of construction of the third object in Ukraine – Zvenigorod Cheese Factory in Cherkasy region for the French company Bongrain – management of the concern concludes that it is a high time to enter the Ukrainian market as a new brand named Eurocon – European Construction – with the idea of European quality of construction.

Today Eurocon is a company that brings on the Ukrainian market a European and worldwide experience, thus greatly increasing its level. After all, not many companies meet the needs and demands of foreign Customers like Eurocon does. During its development, our company receivesan internationally recognized the Bureau Veritas quality certificate. Itprovides bank guarantees, has a modern management system providing a wide range of qualitative services, being somewhere even unique in the market of Ukraine with regard to a project management. It follows the technological innovations in the constructionsphere,has the arsenalof advanced technologies and equipment, completely new for Ukraine.

The portfolio of Eurocon has a number of ongoing and completed projects, including production facilities, logistics centers, shopping centers, apartment complexes, hotels and business centers.

The history of Nordecon begins in 1988 when the representatives of two countries Finland and Estonia established the joint enterprise AS Eesti Ehitus (Estonian Construction). During the following eight years, the company gains the leadership among Estonian builders, constructing industrial projects, logistic complexes, commercial areas, cultural and social premises, hotels, residential areas, engineering and utility services rooms, roads. Besides, the company is professional in the construction of ports and airports, completing more than 20 projects, including the reconstruction and construction of the port in Tallinn.

Within four years of its existence, the company develops into a full-blown concern and manages the construction of more than 25 projects that brings a record for the 90thprofit of 40 million USD.

In 2006the concern enters the IPO – 20% of shares were sold for 22 million USD, which indicates the successful financial results of the company.

In 2009 at an extraordinary general meeting of the shareholders of Eesti Ehitusit is decided that the firm will bear a new brand name – Nordecon. Refusal from a clearly Estonian name in favor of the International one was the first step towards the implementation of the international business strategy of the Group. Today, the most important aim of Nordecon is to expand markets for its services. Gradually, the concern will be mainly a holding company, providing its respectable development in all countries of presence. Now the concern is one of Estonia's largest construction structures with more than 26 years of experience in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Germany, Russia and Ukraine.

For more detailed information on the establishment and activities of Nordecon, which is a parent company of Eurocon, please, visit the website nordecon.com