Nordecon 30th Anniversary


On February 1, 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia, the 30th anniversary celebrated the construction concern Nordecon AS (formerly Eesti Ehitus). On that day, 30 years after its foundation in 1989, many friends, partners, and government officials came to congratulate the construction concern Nordecon AS. The concert hall Seaplane Harbor, where the festive event took place, accommodated more than 500 people.

Representatives of Eurocon Ukraine, whose activities are directly related to the construction concern Nordecon AS and which since 1997 has been carrying out its professional construction activities in Ukraine, were also pleased to congratulate their parent company.

For 30 years, Nordecon AS has become one of the leaders in the Estonian construction market, offering high-quality and comprehensive services for the design and construction of commercial, industrial and public buildings, structures and infrastructure facilities.

Nowadays the construction company Nordecon AS, founded in 1989, has grown into one of the largest construction concerns in Estonia and is a serious partner in all areas of the construction markets in Estonia, Ukraine, Sweden and Finland.                                

The festive evening will be remembered for all the warm, friendly and creative atmosphere, the decoration of which was the performance of the Estonian National Youth Symphony Orchestra, the famous British conductor and showman Rainer Hersch, who drew some viewers to solo performances. Friendly communication of like-minded people gave impetus to new projects and the further development of the company.