Present-day technologies

The main credo of Eurocon is a European construction quality. That is whythemain mission of our experts is aconstant monitoring and implementation ofinnovative technologies in Ukraine,which can give more opportunities to Customer, architect and designer. Present-day technologies allow to reduce labor costs and to increase construction rates to a considerable degree, which is especially important in such a rapidly changing and unstable economic situation throughout the world.


Recently, industrial and civil construction has seen a strong growth in the usage of structures made of post-tensioned concrete, which provides more advantages compared with traditional solutions (for example, in the open space design and construction).

Post-tensioning system can be applied to all areas of construction, including new construction, renovation, reconstruction and re-equipment of existing structures. This system can be widely used — from high-rise apartment buildings to parking places, garages, car parks and slab foundation houses, as well as bridges, skyways and other kinds of infrastructure. Post-tensioned structural elements primarily include foundations, slabs, beams and trusses, but they can also be used in the construction of columns and walls.

Post-tensioning system has a large number of benefits, such as reduced weight of structures (buildings, parkings, etc.); reduced slab thickness; increased number of floors with the same building height; decreased vol­ume of basement; optimal use of space; waterproof slabs (without cracks); smaller number of construction joints; acquisition of high bearing capacity of slabs within 3-4 days and as a result increased seismic resistance, reliability and durability; lower operating costs, and most importantly — accelerated construction process.

For the implementation of this tech­nology in Ukraine, our company involves leading design and construction organizations. We constantly cooperate with research institutes organizing joint trips tovisit foreign production facilities, operational testing, as well as corresponding construction objects using this technology, in order to develop and adopt Ukrainian standards for post-tensioning system.

Thus, for the first time in Ukrainethe post-tensioning technology was applied in 2010 during the con­struction of the New US Embassy com­pound in Kyiv, namely, of the post-tensioned, cast-in-place parking garage struc­ture.

If you are interested in this technology and have questions, please, do not hesitate to contact our experts.

комплекс посольства США в Киеве

New US Embassy compound In Kyiv, Ukraine.

Construction of the post-tensioned, cast-in-place parking garage structure

Shopping Gallery, Dubai, UAE

300,000 sq m.The largest shopping mall in the world with post-tensioning system